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Dear players,

we would like to introduce you new Heroes of the Storm series called ''Battle for Empire''.

Tournament is played by BO 3Single Elimination.

Every team will choose their map on every single round. Team higher in bracket has the right to choose first.Host team has to also find and add ENEMY leader on        in-game chat room ‘‘TopGaming‘‘.

When match ends, second team (ENEMY) has to create a game with their map they choosen.

If there will be situation 1-1, team who hosted game first will have the right to choose final map (one of those that weren’t played!)

We highly recommend to screen every pick and victory!

For confirming the RESULT we need to see SCREENSHOT that proves your victory.

In lobby use /Lobby to communicate with enemy captain.During this match only LEADERS are allowed to speak in lobby.

Format : 1-2-2-2-2-1.Host team BAN first, in second game teams are switching.In third again...


 Registration here :

Battle for Empire #1 - 15.11.2014 18:00:00



There are no rewards for upcoming tournaments but if there will be more peoples coming out on our tournament we will try to get something...



Karel ''Sharty'' Hrošek