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Greetings to all fans of Hearthstone game! Because a lot of you liked our Cerebra Series, we decided to do another one in December too!

Series will be splitted to 4 Qualifications again. Players are gonna fight for 4 spots in to Finals every tournament.

Finals will be played 28.12.2014!

Tournaments will  be available only for PREMIUM accounts which you can buy here.

Prizes for every Qualification : 

1st place    -   300 CZK   /10 €/
1st- 4th place- PREMIUM account /30 days/


List of Tournaments

Cerebra cup 1/4 qualification- 14.12.2014 19:00:00

Cerebra cup 2/4 qualification 18.12.2014 18:00:00

Cerebra cup 3/4 qualification 23.12.2014 18:00:00

Cerebra cup 4/4 qualification 28.12.2014 18:00:00


Awards for CEREBRA CUP:

1. place - 100 €
2. place - 50 €
3. place - 25 €



- Each player must have completed your profile gaming account. Game account must be written in the same form as in the game  "Nick # number"
- In each round is a 15 minute waiting time for appearance opponents. If a player fails this time losing by forfeit.
- Plays with the system BO3 and FINAL BO5. The results are in format 2:0, 2:1
- The matches in the tournament: BLIZZCON /winner can not change the deck and the champion, the loser must change the deck and champion/
- Import  screen from all matches
- Players are not allowed to leave the challenge during the match.
- For communication during the tournament and to communicate with the Admin tournaments please use IRC kanál. 


Tournament start only if min.16 players will participate!