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Topgaming s.r.o., declares that all personal data is confidential, will be used only to perform the contract with the buyer and marketing actions of the seller and will not be otherwise disclosed, provided to a third party, etc. with the exception of the situation related to distribution or payment related to the ordered goods (notification of the name and address of delivery). The seller shall ensure that the data subject does not infringe his rights, in particular the right to respect for human dignity, and also takes care to protect against unauthorized interference with the data subject`s private and personal life. Personal data that is provided voluntarily by the buyer to the seller in order to fulfill the order and marketing actions of the seller, are collected, processed and stored in accordance with applicable laws of the Slovak Republic, in particular Act no. 428/2002 Coll., On the protection of personal data, as amended and effective. The buyer gives the seller his consent to the collection and processing of this personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the subject concluded in the purchase contract and use for marketing purposes of the seller (mainly for sending business announcements, telemarketing, sms), until his written disagreement with this processing sent to the seller`s address. In this case, the electronic statement is also considered to be a written statement, in particular via the contact form on the website, or a change directly in the profile of each registered user.

Topgaming s.r.o., collects only the data it needs for the successful implementation of business cases: name and surname, billing and delivery address, email, or telephone number, in the case of the organization also the company name, contact person, ID number and VAT number.

All data is collected and stored on servers that are located in a secure object, this also applies to all data backups. Only designated employees who are familiar with the Personal Data Trade Act have access to the data. All data are also protected against possible electronic attacks - HW firewall, SW security directly on servers.

Topgaming s.r.o., collects only personal data of those users who are registered on the website The control of this data can be performed after logging in in the main menu "PROFILE". If you have not made a transaction, you can delete the entire account, just send a request by email to or you can do so directly in your profile on the site. In the event that a transaction has already taken place, it is possible to delete only the contact details, other data must be retained by law for tax purposes and for possible control acts of the state administration.

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Rules for use of the evaluation system

Use and exploitation of the evaluation system is only open to registered users site Pages belonging RM Food Company Ltd., we provide a ranking system users on the Internet.

  1. site content and content rating system on this site is the exclusive property of RM Food Ltd.
  2. RM Food company does not provide any services in addition to the evaluation system through the pages
  3. All users are required to adhere to the rules established the web. Violation of these rules may lead to limitations on the availability or the imposition of sanctions. This can lead to permanent blocking of your account and exclusion from In this case, if the user`s own premium account is not entitled to any compensation.
  4. All participants are required to possess and use only original games.
  5. Availability of all paid services company seeks to ensure RM Food Ltd., immediately after payment of a fee.
  6. The user is required to enter the correct information when registering.
  7. RM Food Ltd. assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any personal statements made ​​by users on the site.
  8. Exclusively by the law of the Slovak Republic.
  9. Player and game accounts are not transferable and not for sale.
  10. If one or more provisions of these terms of use is invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions-invalid clause shall be replaced by a provision which meets the expectations of stakeholders.

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