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We are calling all heroes to fight in sunday's tournament by, which will be followed by long series! Tournaments will be community for now but if this series will be successful, rewards won't be any problem.
Tournaments will be played every Sunday 18:30, 6v6, BO1 (semi BO3, finals BO5) Single elimination.

We are preparing also more articles, giveaways and tournaments!

Create team together with your friends and don't forget...The world needs you!

Tournament list for January :
Call of the Watch #1 - 05.06.2016 18:30:00
Call of the Watch #2 - 12.06.2016 18:30:00
Call of the Watch #3 - 19.06.2016 18:30:00
Call of the Watch #4 - 26.06.2016 18:30:00