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Surely many of you have noticed the fact that the tournament at Fujitsu League continue in the second half of the season . We have had already two online tournaments and players start earning points for the final tournament which should be a part of this year's gaming†fair†"FOR GAMES"†in period 6-9.10.2016

1. place†- 25 EUR
2. place†- 15 EUR
3. place†- 10 EUR†

Do not hesitate and they will come to play regular tournaments at Hearthstone , which are held every Sunday from 18:00 on our website.†Become part of a great community in addition to entertainment you can also win cash.

Fujitsu liga #69 -†26.06.2016 18:00:00
Fujitsu liga #70 - 03.07.2016 18:00:00
Fujitsu liga #71 - 10.07.2016 18:00:00

Come and have fun!