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Mousesports thinking about replacing Karrigan?

Current team leader is wondering whether he will stay in mousesports or not.

Mousesports is currently trying to think of all their options to replace Finn „karrigan“ Andersen, who needs to decide before his contract expires in March. Website reported that, there might be an option of Karrigan returning back to FaZe in November.

The German organization had a talk with „karrigan“ about his new contract with them, but „karrigan“ has most likely still not made up his mind and asked the organization for more time. Mousesports is now forced to start looking for a replacement, in case karrigan decides to leave the team.

"We have been in talks with karrigan in regards to a new agreement," mousesports Chief Business Development Officer, Jan Dominicus, told "He asked us for more time, as it's a big decision for both of us. Meanwhile, we are of course exploring other options to be prepared in case Finn wants to try something different."

In an early December interview for and we learned that karrigan is not really planning to sign the new contract with Mousesports. Karrigan is part of the team for almost 2 years and ever since the organization went through hard roster change, where only two previous players staid in, Chris „chrisJ“ de Jong and Robin „ropz“ Kool.

The Danish veteran brought the team back to the top as mouz became a top-ten team by the middle of the year and played in five consecutive grand finals at the 2019-2020, while winning four of them.

Mousesports struggled through whole 2020, especially after taking their last title at ICE Challenge in February and right after they dropped from top 10 for nearly 6 months due to several eliminations of some players. At the end of the year they finally managed to recover, after successful run in the BLAST Premier Fall and a runner-up campaign at DreamHack Masters Winter.