After 4 tournaments we are finally bringing you great news for Overwatch
There are still couple of changes we've made to make this series successful.

First of all we are changing date of tournaments from sunday to THURSDAY.

Tournament format

Next thing we are changing is tournament format. Every thursday at 18:30 there will be tournament where teams can earn points to month finals where 8 best teams play against each other. Best of all takes final prize 100 EUR per team. Second place will be rewarded by 50 EUR per team.
Points for each tournament are :
1st place - 25 points
2nd place- 20 points
3rd place - 15 points
4th place - 10 points
5th - 8th place - 5 points

Change of rules

Tournaments had major changes in rules so don't forget to check them before you participate.

Prizes for final tournament

1st place - 100 EUR/team
2nd place - 50 EUR/team


Call of the Watch Q1/07 07.07.2016 18:30:00
Call of the Watch Q2/07 14.07.2016 18:30:00
Call of the Watch Q3/07 21.07.2016 18:30:00
Call of the Watch Q4/07 28.07.2016 18:30:00
Call of the Watch final 07 03.08.2016 18:30:00