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Paddock League knows the winner!

After a long time, the Rainbow Six Paddock League is finally over. The nine-week group part brought one surprise after another, and with a few exceptions, it was not clear until the very end who would advance to the playoffs. However, those who had a clear procedure could rejoice. Specifically, these were the Fadee Gaming, Defeaters and Cyber Gaming teams. These teams placed in the group three in the first three places and had a clear progress to the playoffs. The other teams had a slightly ambiguous approach, but in the end the Dark Tigers, REViTAL GAMING, FoX Clan and Glore managed to advance

You may think that there are some too many teams in the playoffs for a group of ten, but this is not the case. While waiting for the playoffs, Cyber Gaming was unable to agree after 9 weeks what their team would actually look like, and due to frequent player changes and the consequent shortage, they had to leave the league. And the Defeaters team could not participate either. That's why the Online Vision Gaming team got into the playoffs with the wild card at the last minute instead.

A weekend followed, which was to decide everything. Fadee Gaming and Dark Tigers were already waiting for their opponents in the semifinals. For Fadee Gaming, it was supposed to be either REViTAL GAMING or Online Vision Gaming. For Dark Tigers again FoX Clan or Glore. REViTAL managed to deal with OVG quite clearly 2:0, as well as Glore with FoX Clan. Surprisingly, the semi-final matches had a similar course. Fadee sent REViTAL to fight for third place and Dark Tigers sent Glore. Both matches ended 2:1 on the maps. The match for third place and the final followed on Sunday. Surprisingly, REViTAL managed to easily deal with Glore, even though it didn't look like that on the first map, he won 2-0 on the maps, and placed 3rd. The final had a similar course again and Fadee also managed the Dark Tigers 2:0.The first 3 teams can take home a financial amount, but all 4 can take home a ticket to the second season and do not have to go through qualifying.


1) Fadee Gaming
2) Dark Tigers
3) Revital Gaming