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Rainbow Six Liga Season 2 announced!

After the successful first season of the Paddock League in Rainbow Six Siege and after the community feedback, Season 2 is finally announced! The new season is finally here and we can already say that it will be the biggest six-month event that the Rainbow Six Siege scene has ever had in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The new season will bring several changes compare to Season 1. The qualification system is different. It will take a place in the form of weekly tournaments. In this tournaments can teams score points into the table. Before the start of the league, first two teams that scored most points advance directly into the league.


1st place – 25 points
2nd place – 20 points
3rd place – 15 points
4th place – 10 points
5th – 8th place – 5 points

The league also underwent minor changes. For example, reducing the number of teams in the league from 10 to 8, the BO1 format instead of the original BO2 in the group, and the increasing the number of streams in the group. Newly we will have two streams from one round of the group stage. Playing days in the league will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Default playing day and time will be Sunday 15:00 / 17:00. All matches you will be available to watch with English commentary on the Twitch channel

Another huge news and milestone for CZ/SK scene is the involvement of the best teams from Hungary! The two best Hungarian teams from Hungarian scene accepted an invite from us. Find out which Hungarian teams are in the league, you can expect in a few days! Follow our social networks: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER!

You and your team can also join the qualifications. Just read the RULES and join the qualifications. More played qualifiers = more points and your chance to qualify into the league is bigger! The qualification can be attended by a team from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary!

Prizepool and the start of the league will be announced, the expected start of the league is Q1 / 2021

QUALIFICATION #1 - 21.11. 15:00 > JOIN HERE!
QUALIFICATION #2 - 28.11. 15:00 > JOIN HERE!
QUALIFICATION #3 - 05.12. 15:00 > JOIN HERE!