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World of Tanks News

I't about to come in the new 9.8 patch !!! The below listed tanks are disappearing both from the tech tree in the game and the premium shop's site:

the British - Sexton I,
the Russian - SU-85I,
the American - Ram II,
the German - Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm.

As for now there are only four of them, but the Wargaming.Net is willing to withdraw the next ones in a time to come.
So, if there's still a chance to win gold and buy a few of them, don't hasitate. They have got 50% bonus credits ability.
Join us, Singn up and take part in the tournaments - Top Gaming 3v3 or 7v7.

TPG WOT Series #29 3vs3 - 25.05.2015 6:00 PM CET
TPG.euWOT Series #37 7vs7 - 29.05.2015 6:00 PM CET

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